About Us

ASAF ARCHITECTURE has been open to developments and innovations ever since it was founded. It has adopted as a target to meet its customers’ needs in an efficient, reliable, economical and timely manner.
Asaf Architecture is a conglomerate company leading player in the design and manufacturing of high quality, technologically-advanced aluminium profile systems including windows, doors, sliding elements, roof systems & conservatories, curtain walls and balustrades. Asaf Architecture products are market leaders through main European countries.
  We are active in the extrusion, insulation, coating and distribution of high quality aluminium profile systems to thousands of local fabricators and installers throughout Europe. We serve both the residential and the commercial markets, with a focus on the residential renovation and light commercial markets.
Our expertise has been established over thirteen years of industrial experience and is supported by all internationally recognized accreditations from:
EURAS/EWAA (Quality Certificate of European Aluminium Anodized Association for anodizing by Qualanod International)
TSE (Turkish Standards Institute Quality Certificate for extrusions and anodizing)
ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 Certificate to CE marking.
Our modern factory incorporates the latest technology in machinery and production facilities, and by having control over every
aspect of the manufacturing process we provide a fast and reliable delivery service for both large and small quantities.