Balcony Glazing System

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Balcony Glazing System

The profiles, used in Glass Balcony Systems, have been specially designed for this system. The Case Profile, used in Glass Balcony Covering Systems, has been designed as 2-channelled, enabling conveyance of two bearings in each pillar. Glass Balcony System can be mounted with a particular of top-conveyance and bottom-conveyance when deemed necessary. There are 8 bearings in each wing. If the system is mounted from the top, 4 bearings at the top assume conveyance, and 4 bearings at the bottom assume guidance; if the system is mounted from the bottom, 4 bearings at the bottom assume conveyance and 4 bearings at the top assume guidance.

The wheel support brackets of Balcony Systems have been made of stainless steel against corrosion.

Due to new designed automatic outlet, it is switched itself off. This makes it easy to use curtains.In Glass Balcony System, apart from two separate Side-Stiffening Profiles, using Hair Roving and Silicon Roving, Case Side-Stiffening Profile, and Glass Side-Stiffening Profile, which do not need any roving, can be used as well.

In Glass Balcony System, anodized (natural), and white are the standard colors. Special colors can be applied upon request.