FD60 Folding Door

Asaf Architecture Alüminyum

FD60 Folding Door

Folding doors, windows and doors: glazing of all kinds in a reasoned system. Thermally broken aluminium sections prevent from thermal bridges. The elements are custom made and allow for individual color and design. Folding doors can optionally be folded to the right, to the left or to both sides, inwards or outwards. Thereby, the first element can also be executed as door, accessible and closable from both sides. Windows and fixed glazing in the same system can be optional combined, even inclined glazing is possible. Doors and double leaf doors complete the multifaceted design options.

System Key features

·         Thermally broken aluminium system

·         Folding doors, parallel-slide-and-tilt windows, turning-, bottom hung- or tilt-and-turn windows, inclined glazing, doors, double leaf doors

·         Folding door suspension: Top hung or floor supported, optional with flush to floor folding back stop

·         20-29 mm possibility to use double glazing.

·         Panel width: Up to 1000 - 1300 mm • Panel height: Up to 2700 mm

Areas of Application: • Balconies, Restaurants, Showrooms, Lounges and Winter Gardens • Door and Window Systems