Glass Folding System

Asaf Architecture Alüminyum

Glass Folding System

This system can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as this system is allowable to unite the indoor and outdoor places without using any material. The new Folding Glass Balcony System without Threshold has been designed to create more comfortable places by using at the indoor spaces, balconies, cafe, restaurant, inside the store and showcase, offices, auto galleries etc. Folding Glass Balcony System is the best solution for the tight locations because of taking up little space when has been closed the glass panels.

In this system, the glass panels can be collected to one or more corners and it is carrying itself by only top profile. That is why the bottom case profile or rail is just 20 mm. So, there is no any roughness on the ground while entry and exit.

Also, it is allowable for the wheel transition.

Folding Glass Balcony System is moving only horizontal. That is why it shows the places more attractive and aesthetic. The system is being moving by two wheels which is on top of system. The bottom guides save the system balance and make the panels move easily to right and left side.