HS55 Hebeschibe Lift & Sliding

Asaf Architecture Alüminyum

HS55 Hebeschibe Lift & Sliding

The insulated lift and slide system is made from thermally broken aluminium profiles and therefore ideally suited for glazing in residential buildings. The high-class construction is ideally suited for extensive sliding elements and guarantees reliable and durable function for leafs weighing up to 300 kg. Area of application: Restaurant- and winter garden glazing as well as residential glazing.

System Key features

*Thermally broken aluminium system

*Thermal break: 15mm Available in 1-, 2- or 3-track designs

*Panel thickness: 55mm

*Panel width up to 2500mm per leaf

*Panel area up to 7m2

*Brush round EPDM gaskets used in place of special high air tightness and sound insulation level of the wick

*Stainless steel rail implementation that improves performance

*High security locks from multiple point applications

*Auto Lift & take the opportunity to use mechanisms 12 mm and 20mm polyamide sealing bridge

*Glass applications at up to 24-30 mm thickness