Retractable Pergola

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Retractable Pergola

Retractable Pergola is a flexible solution system which can be surrounded by folding glazing systems, the roof can be opened and closed at any time, installed easily to generate new spaces. Retractable Pergola could be used in both newly created independent places and extension of current places. An area of 200 to 500 m2 can be easily closed within a day. With current construction techniques in closure of such a place is impossible within a day. As well as easy assembly, it is the ideal solution for places such as restaurant and entertainment venues that require minimum column and beam structure.

It is a perfect solution for summer and winter because the roof and all around can be opened and closed any time. Retractable Pergola is capable of finding perfect solutions to all of your needs such Lighting, sound system, heating and cooling for all kinds of places that need a new solution.

Where the Retractable Pergola is being used? 

Retractable Pergola is being used in places such Café, Restaurant, Veranda, terrace, Winter garden, Meeting rooms and in all social and private places.