Structural Silicone Curtain Wall

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Structural Silicone Curtain Wall

Curtain wall systems which present more practical solutions compared to classical methods are greatly preferred because of some advantages such as being light, being applied quickly and practically, seeming aesthetically and stylishly, getting dirty hard and cleaned easily. These systems have big importance in terms of ensuring acoustic and heat insulation, so enabling savings and extending buildings' lifetimes besides they have smart appearance.

Structural Silicone Aluminium Curtain Wall Systems

In this type of system, aluminium profiles do not appear outside and a view of glass is completely formed. The width and deepness of joint gaps are determined according to the architectural and statically requirements.

For these joint gaps either silicone filling or gasket filling could be preferred. Hidden vents could be placed inside modules on demand. By special holders the system is formed with more thinner and lighter sections. Water disposal and ventilation are solved and tested for the system. The tests for air, water impermeability and resistance to the wind load are made according to the required standards.

This system provides an appearance of glass facade and forms an economic alternative for the classical structural glass facade system.

• Bonding l heat insulated and uninsulated Possibility of tape, with glass facade integrity,

• Drain (condensate) channels maximum through air and water discharge performance,

• The maximum building height of 100 m,

• 18 - 40 mm glass combination,

• EPDM thanks to the longevity of all wick,

• Practical and hassle-free detail solutions,

• Thermal Conductivity (Ufa): 5.0 W / m²K

• integrity of the glass facade with silicone bonding process,

• Glass holder tray with continuous glass façade of the image.,

• electrostatic paint (RAL) and anodizing supply facilities,

• Manufacturing and assembly comfort

ASAF ARCHITECTURE has been open to developments and innovations ever since it was founded. It has adopted as a target to meet its customers’ needs in an efficient, reliable, economical and timely manner.

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