Zip Curtain System

Asaf Architecture Alüminyum

Zip Curtain System

Zip blind are guaranteed for 5 years due to well fabricated blinds which can stand bad weather conditions. Provide air circulation between the indoor and outdoor. Outdoor blinds with state of the art motor Protects indoor from bad weather conditions. Blinds can function as fly nets (insect screen) which enables protection against pest Blinds can protect you from sunlight. You can enjoy the scenery without disturbance of the blinds. High quality fabric protects the indoor from sunlight and provide 25% better insulation.

• Rolling distance is up to height of 3.5 meters.

• Zip design provides protection up to wind speeds of 110 km

• Three alternative fabric colors.

• Different aluminum colors fitting for each RAL and anodized color.

• Somfy motor.

• Two user mode: button or remote control.